2018 Staff Softball Tournament

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd…

This September get your bats and gloves ready as Kaizen will be hosting a softball tournament for employees and their families.

Employees, spouses and kids 14+ are welcome to join your teams! Each store will be rounding up team members so even if you don't have any athletic ability you can still play! Once teams are set we'll be sure to get the betting pool going…. for which store is going to take home first prize!

The tournament will be help at Optimist Athletic park and we will have a bunch of other activities going on through the day including a Kaizen Auto Show and Shine, kids areas and food & drinks!

We have rented out space to make this a family friendly event. There will be space for children to play, we will have food and a few other fun things. The tournament will take place on September 16th, time is still TBA.

Thank you for your participation! Questions and comments can be sent to amacdonald@kaizenauto.com

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